Lawrence Levy resume

1961 - Graduated Northwestern University with B.A. in English and Art history

1966-1979 - Art Director of TriQuarterly Magazine, a national literary and art magazine. A complete archive can be found online at and in print at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

1969 - Director of Art and Design of Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife, by William Gass. Winner of numerous design awards, including in AIGA’s 50 Books of the Year.

1970 - Director - Ten Thousand Beads for Navajo Sam, documentary, broadcast on CBS.

1970-72 - Assistant Professor of Visual Communication at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

1972 - Director - Kibbutz Crossroads, documentary, broadcast on PBS.

1973 - Art Director and Co-Editor with John Perrault - Anti-Object Art - special edition of TriQuarterly, devoted to conceptual art. Won numerous design awards (including AIGA’s 50 Books of the Year and New York Art Director’s Club). The archive of original materials is in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

1978 - Art Director and director - Going To Heaven - special edition of TriQuarterly dedicated to a story told by a series of 180 photos, containing no words. Subsequently made into a film.

1973-1979 - Director - series of experimental short films
Funeral, 12 min., numerous festival awards, incl. Chicago International Film Festival, Silver Hugo, Short Live Action Films
Agrian, 7 min., a sequel to Funeral
Going To Heaven, 8 min., based on special edition TriQuartely photographic essay

1980 - Director and Producer - series of stop-motion animated children’s films, Paramount Communications

1981-1989 - Director - several episodic television shows, including--
The White Shadow, CBS, 1981
Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1982
Lottery, ABC, 1983
Whiz Kids, CBS, 1984

1985 - Director - The Wrong Way Kid, made for television film Dick Van Dyke, CBS

1990-1991 - Producer and director - Brown V. Board of Education, a recreation of historical events, Discovery Channel

1996-1997 - Producer - Inferno, feature film based on Japanese film %Seven Samurai

1999 - Producer - Mr. Rock N Roll, television film based on the life of disk jockey Alan Freed, NBC

1998-2001 - Producer - Bride of the Wind, feature film, made in Vienna, Austria. The story of Alma Mahler, wife of composer Gustave Mahler, starring Jonathan Price and directed by Bruce Beresford, Paramount Pictures

2003-2004 - Producer - Love Object, Ed Pressman Productions

2010-2015 - Established studio in Venice, CA. Began making furniture and designing the physical “plates” for the frescoes.

2016 - Chicken Man, Uncle Paul, Adam and Eve, Morrie the Clown, Bill’s Thumb - frescoes shown in studio at Venice Art Walk

2018 - "The Past is Not Where You Left It,” solo show at Castelli Art Space, Culver City, CA

2019 - Artist in Residence - Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

2020 - Work included in "Representational-Abstract," group show at B.G.Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2020 - Work included in "Painting Forest in the Endless Horizon" group show, B.G.Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2021 - A large fresco of mine, Victor, was included in the new show at the Fisher Museum, "Art and Hope at the End of the Tunnel," Sept.9 - Decmeber 4, 2021. The show was favorably reviewed in Forbes Magazine. A Los Angeles art magazine said "A compassion for humanity is observable in Lawrence Levy’s Victor, a stirring fresco featuring a man’s face viewed up close such that the artist is reflected in the sitter’s eyes."